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Desperate times requires desperate measures! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak my agenda was all cancelled. I'm taking all the help I can get. I appreciate your understanding and collabotation. Many thanks!

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" Thanks for visiting my website. Here you going to find more about my trajectory in music over the years. It has been quite a journey and music is always present in my life. Click here to know more about me.  And don't forget to subscribe on my Mailing List so you can join more closely on this journey with me, and I'd love that! =) "

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Elizabeth Fadel  is working on expanding her amazing crossover repertoire. Here is a few samples of her work, from Choro, Tango, Classic, Early music, ....   Get to know more here about Elizabeth's music.

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    Viva 5:11
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all the upcoming events are uncertain. Any news on possible live events are revised on daily basis due to public safety measures.

Several shows were cancelled including the previous concerts dated from March 2020 until now.

Unfortunately live events usually are the main incoming source for the artist. But we are finding our way out of this and promoting music as much as possible. 

Please contact to collaborate on music enterprises with Elizabeth Fadel.

obs.: If you want to collaborate financially, I REALLY appreciate it and I'll do payback with music! =)


Previous events


Please visit here my contact page or just sign in for the latest about Elizabeth Fadel musical projects. Thank you

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