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Release Date: March 30th, 2021

Blue in Choro

Elizabeth Fadel

BLUE IN CHORO is a "Kind of Choro" album, an invitation to listen something familiar and perhaps secular with touches of Brazilian music. From album concept to musical quotes, BLUE IN CHORO represents Elizabeth Fadel's earlier years as a Choro composer and exposes the delightful polyphonic similarities of different genres. Inspired by so many great composers, Elizabeth Fadel presents original Choro themes and classical arrangements allowing influences from Jazz to Classical as she improvises through piano notes in the most vast and emotional way.

ELIZABETH FADEL thanks to God, Universe, whatever force you believe in; geniuses Bach, Chopin; my family, specially Dad, Mom, John, Tuta, Ana, André; all that I've dedicated the songs to: Eliane Elias, Antonio, Grace, Marco, Breno, Sígrun, Noa, Hans, Eric; all the lovely musicians that recorded with me; and to all that made this project possible.

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Banda Fulô

Banda Fulô, Elizabeth Fadel

Floor Polder (ND) and Elizabeth Fadel (BR), musicians and friends, have decided to create a new Brazilian instrumental music project on Europe. Initially as a quartet, Banda Fulô started playing in December 2016 in Rotterdam. Later the band grew, not only adding other musicians, but also the repertoire extended to different sounds.

Banda Fulô is very inspired in Brazilian composers such as Hamilton de Holanda e Hermeto Pascoal. Their show has a high level of instrumental music together with joyful songs! Lively own compositions and strong arrangements stand out, as well as the bright and cheerful performance! Singing, playing, dancing, improvising, you can expect all of these in a concert of this band. Banda Fulô is inspired by the connection Holland - Brasil and translate that connection through out music.

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Elizabeth Fadel

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Download here and get for FREE the music sheet for VIVA - by Elizabeth Fadel - performed by Banda Fulô (The Netherlands)

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    Viva 5:11

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