Blue in Choro

Yes, it's true! The first solo album of Elizabeth Fadel is been released! BLUE IN CHORO is a collection of Elizabeth's songs at the piano where she presets an original way of getting to know Brazilian music, by merging different genres and instruments in classical arrangements.  Elizabeth Fadel performed along friends that she dedicated songs for on this album, making it a real emotional experience when listening to it. Check for more information below.

BLUE IN CHORO is now available in CD. Order now!

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Blue in Choro

Elizabeth Fadel

BLUE IN CHORO is a "Kind of Choro" album, an invitation to listen something familiar and perhaps secular with touches of Brazilian music. From album concept to musical quotes, BLUE IN CHORO represents Elizabeth Fadel's earlier years as a Choro composer and exposes the delightful polyphonic similarities of different genres. Inspired by so many great composers, Elizabeth Fadel presents original Choro themes and classical arrangements allowing influences from Jazz to Classical as she improvises through piano notes in the most vast and emotional way.

ELIZABETH FADEL thanks to God, Universe, whatever force you believe in; geniuses Bach, Chopin; my family, specially Dad, Mom, John, Tuta, Ana, André; all that I've dedicated the songs to: Eliane Elias, Antonio, Grace, Marco, Breno, Sígrun, Noa, Hans, Eric; all the lovely musicians that recorded with me; and to all that made this project possible.

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The "Blue in Choro" album has not been released for streaming yet, but you can have  it for yourself by purchasing the CD. We'll be happy to send it to you. Please fill the form below and we'll get back to you with the information needed. Thank you!

CD version

CD version

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